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L&T Cleaning Company LLC

Serving the Parma Heights Area Since 2016

Leon and Tina Alexander are the L&T in the company name. We’ve branded ourselves right into L&T Cleaning Company. And our signature is in the work we do. L&T Cleaning Company is a family owned business with the keyword being family. We work together as a family and we treat you like family. Not the neurotic crazy relatives we all have, but the family that gives you warm fuzzies you get when you return to a quiet, clean and peaceful home.

L&T Cleaning Company Philosophy

“We’ve got your back.” Leon and Tina joke around “Lose the mop and we’ll clean the slop” and “We work hard so you don’t have to.” Our joy is in the journey of making your home sparkle. We leave you feeling like you stretched your home investment a little further because you hired us to maintain your home.


Tina & Leon cleaned my home today – they did a terrific job. They even moved the folding chairs beside the washer to be sure the laundry floor was totally cleaned – and whatever magic they put in their vacuum left my apartment with a wonderful aroma! Fabulous job! Thank you so much.”

Kim, Bernal Smith

I had my first cleaning on September 1st and I was very pleased with the service. They were very professional and cheerful. I would highly recommend them. I am looking forward to my next visit on September 15th.


I have an upcoming clean and i am so excited! Iv’e heard so many great things about this company

Mark J.

Professional, personable and polite. We have entrusted the cleaning of our home to L&T Cleaning Company for over the last few months without complaint.”

Mark & Sara, White

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